JAPAN : Scientist Proved How Body is Cleansed during RAMADAN


Japanese Nobel Laureate Joshinori Ohsumi shows how the body is cleansed from unnecessary cells during RamadanThe Japanese scientist Joshinori Ohsumi has discovered the program called Otofazhoni.It is the purification of the body from unsightly cells. Cleaning that happens during the eager and hungry stay.Getting genetic mutations, cancer and nonautical diseases remain hungry. It is seen that they have been healed.The Japanese scholar has confirmed his thesis that staying without food and drink.Help in the treatment of neurological diseases and cancer.

For this discovery has won the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Transmitted Yeniakit.Ohsum said that after three days of fasting the immune system has resulted in renewal. And this has confirmed that fasting of Muslims is the most appropriate program. Although the cells are not similar, their actions have them. They fill their wraps in special bags (otofagozomet), then load them into containers . Some of them are destroyed and some recycle they regain.

So this has resulted in aging of the old age. The phase is activated even more during fasting, hunger, and stress. With this cell, it starts to produce its energy with its own possibilities. Starting with cleaning and digging its waste and pathogenic bacteria. Among other scientists Joshinori Ohsumi said that if during the year. A month without stopping pursuing this regime, the results are spectacular. This regime of abstaining from food and drink, which fights diseases, is part of the Islamic religion.

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