Here is one Secret of Mohamed Salah ?


Why Basel ?

Because he has been here for a while in this city when he was a FC Basel player.

Importantly, there is information that much rejoiced about me, which a Vlach confessed to me.

He was in Basel, who never missed Fajr Prayer in the “El firdeus” Mosque in Dreispitz (neighborhood so called).
Always and regularly he was present at Fajr prayer, regardless of whether he had a game or did not (or play one night on an older one), did he or did not exercise.
, there you will see it!

Why did i mention this?

To serve as a lesson and lecture for every Muslim, great and small, empowered or congregated, rich or poor
Although with this success and worldly reputation, he has not departed from the path of Allah, has not departed from prayer and reading the Qur’an!
No modesty and charity has been removed!
Then with manners and morals, in the field and outside the field, to covet.

Surely, I am very happy to see this Muslim because it makes us proud when millions of people receive the message that “Allah alone should be bowed down to prostrate, only He deserves worship!” (During his pledge of prostrate after the score of the goal)

Of course it is the great dawn that this powerful message, Alhamdulilah, May Allah protect Him.

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