9 Prophet Muhammad PBUH Habits Which Science Proved Later


Prophet Muhammad PBUH Habits has a lot of beenfits which Science and Medical proved after many years of research. And here those 9 Habits are;

1. Prophet Muhammad PBUH Used To Wake Up Early
He used to start his day by waking up early for Fajr prayer. Science proved that waking up early increases productivity, as well as people who wake up early, are less likely to be depressed.

2. Prophet Muhammad PBUH Used To Eat Less
Prophet Muhammad PBUH used to eat less to prevent disease and sickness, after many years science proved eating less can help you fight many diseases.

3. Prophet Muhammad PBUH Used To Eat Slow
It takes 20 minutes to send signals to brain which tells that the tummy is full. Eating slow improves digestion as well as slow eating is now highly recommanded by Science.

4. Eating At Once

eating together hadith

Prophet Muhammad PBUH always told us to eat together as a family. Today science proved that eating together reduces stress.

5. Drinking water in Three Breaths


Today science claimed that drinking water at once can cause headaches, dizziness, and imbalance in blood electrolytes.

6. Pomegranates
Prophet Muhammad PBUH liked Pomegranates, and today science declared Pomegranates as the Healthiest fruit on earth.

7. Fasting
Prophet Muhammad PBUH told Muslims to fast during Ramadan. And today the Japanese scientists declared fasting in Ramadan is highly healthy and helps body fight cancer cells.

8. Eating Dates

dates hadith

We break our fast with dates, They stabilizes the blood sugar level, electrolyte levels and re balance blood in your body. Science proved that dates can boost Oxycontin production in the body and speed up labor.

9. Staying Fit
Three out of Five pillars of Islam keeps a human being fit. Prayer is also a formr of exersize. And obviously science tells us to do excersize daily to keep your heart and brain healthy,


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